CHALLENGE : Generate a 3D effect with out 3D animation software. 

SOLUTION : Shot shoe in live action by using a turntable, lighting and 4K camera.

Fulton Beer

CHALLENGE : Create a series of marketing posters that can live in both the print and digital world.

SOLUTION : Created a concept we called a “Moving Poster”. Each piece of content begins and ends at on iconic frame that is strong enough to stand on its own in the print world. Our team was one of the first to implement a concept like this.

Granite City Food & Brewery - Digital Brew Tanks

CHALLENGE : Design a concept that draws more attention to Granite City Food & Brewery’s brew tanks to reinforce guests perception that beer is brewed at the restaurant daily.

SOLUTION : Install screens that create excitement and anticipation. Leverage brew tank big data to create animated beer posters with up to the minute stats on each brew. 

ClockNine Smart Content

CHALLENGE : Architect a solution that revolutionizes the digital signage industry.

SOLUTION : Smart Content™ which leverages data driven content in an in-store environment.

Cody's Smokehouse - Digital Menu Boards

CHALLENGE : Design a digital menu board that encompasses the look and feel of the Cody’s Smokehouse brand and breathes life into the restaurant.

SOLUTION : A custom design that utilizes motion to draw attention to specific areas of the menu.

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